Following Jesus works. For 2000 years, lives have been transformed, people have been healed and given purpose. I’ve experienced that.

But conventional ways of following Jesus don’t seem to work as well lately. Churches split over minor issues. Society often views us as legalistic, narrow, and judgmental. The culture becomes increasingly more secular, and God is often pushed away from the marketplace of ideas.

It’s time to follow Jesus in an unconventional manner. Maybe it’s time to sweat the small stuff. Maybe it’s time to look at fresh ways of following Jesus. Let’s move beyond reading the Bible more and praying more and giving more and serving more as paths to intimacy. Let’s explore new ways to do the old faith.

How will we do this?

Every Monday morning, I’ll post a poem, story, comment, question, or a semi-random thought that we can explore together in a discussion. Our goal: to teach each other how to follow Jesus unconventionally. Sometimes I’ll raise an issue and suggest some solutions. Sometimes I’ll explore a spiritual issue and share my slant. Other times I’ll just bring up an issue we can kick around. We’ll make them fresh, unconventional, yet faithful to God’s word. If you'd like to get an email reminder of new posts, just click the orange and yellow buttom on the home page. It's easy.

Let’s get unconventional.