Who am I? A follower of Jesus is central, but I did leave him for some time back in college days to explore other faiths. I’ve written books, been a pastor, rappelled off a 190 ft. bridge with 100 ft. of rope, and ridden about 170,000 miles on motorcycles through 44 states. I have two Master’s degrees, in Ministry and another in Communication. I’m convinced that Jesus is the way to life, and the Bible is his owner’s manual for our lives.

Yet in some ways, I seem to know less of God’s ways now than when I got back to him in 1971. I’m learning more about a spiritual dimension that far exceeds anything I can conceive of. And nothing has the value of seeking this transcendent God. So, I still question in the midst of faith, I still explore the mysteries, I still struggle to live spiritually in a physical world.

My tenth book, on biker devotions, will come out April 2019, and all of them help people understand who God is and the relationship he offers us. Take a look at the Tim’s Book page to learn about them, and contact me if you'd like a signed copy.